Cynthia K. Hawes

Associate Attorney

Fayetteville divorce attorney Cynthia Hawes’s interest in family law started in law school when she interned at a boutique family law firm in Atlanta in exchange for law school credit. There she was able to attend jury trials, perform initial consultations, and practice filing petitions, motions, and briefs.

“Practicing law is purely customer-based,” Ms. Hawes said. “I have a background in management at Verizon Corporate managing a team of 20 individuals from various backgrounds. My ability to practice law is only as great as my ability to foster an exceptional attorney-client relationship.”

For Ms. Hawes, the focal point of an initial meeting with a potential client is to convey that she will be there throughout the entire litigation process.

“For most clients, this process is very foreign, and they should have high expectations from their attorney,” she said. “High expectations should be about delivering undeniably amazing client service, and the practice of law will naturally follow.”