Colby L. Jones

Litigation Attorney

Idaho divorce attorney Colby L. Jones enjoys practicing family law because assisting families in crises gives his legal education meaning and provides him with the personal satisfaction of knowing he has left families in a better position than when they came to him.

“This is especially true of divorcing couples with children,” Mr. Jones. “Divorcing parents will still be co-parents for the rest of their lives, and a well-informed, ethical attorney can use their training to help their clients avoid unresolved conflict and litigation long into the future.”

Mr. Jones believes in a holistic approach to legal practicing. Solving legal problems is his priority, but that doesn’t always address a family’s immediate or future needs.

“I enjoy taking time with a client to understand them and their situation more fully to help create and assess short-term and long-term goals, interests, needs, and those of other family members involved,” he said. “Often, clients find that the current case is not their only legal issue, or that they may want to take a nuanced legal approach to a present conflict to meet other interests in the long run.”

Mr. Jones vows to stand by his client’s side throughout the entire divorce process. He also makes every effort to help them achieve their desired result while balancing financial, temporal, and emotional expenditure.

“Divorce, or any legal proceeding, can be draining, but conflict can also be an opportunity to envision and create a better future for yourself and your children,” he said. “As your attorney, I will deal with the legal process today so that you can focus on that better tomorrow.”