Chandra Snyder

Senior Litigation Attorney

Chandra H. Snyder considers her ability to think outside the box one of her biggest strengths as an attorney.

“I lived for more than 10 years in Belgium and I’ve traveled across Europe, which I think gives me a diversity of perspective and ability to think about things in a different way from other attorneys,” she says. “I use this for my clients’ benefit in that I can consider different approaches to problems and find unique ways to make sure my clients’ needs are covered.”

She also has practiced many different types of law throughout her career, which gives her a well-rounded background that benefits her clients.

“I’ve seen a lot in my legal career, and that gives me the ability to consider all the aspects of a divorce case that might benefit my client,” she says. “I will always be prepared for what might happen in a courtroom, and also be prepared to fight for my clients’ best interests.”