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Cassandra Pillonel

Practice Manager

CassandraPillonelPart of family law’s appeal to Cassandra Pillonel is the fulfillment of witnessing someone start a new chapter in their lives.

What took Ms. Pillonel to law school and eventually into a family law practice was the lack of fulfillment she felt while pursuing a doctorate in English literature, a path she selected because of her love of story-telling.

“Then a colleague suggested I go to law school and it has been the best decision of my life,” she said. “Now, I hear and read stories all day, but I also help people, which makes me go home at night feeling fulfilled and contented.”

Ms. Pillonel said she is devoted to the success of each client.

“Whether I’m prepping for final trial or answering your phone call on the first ring, I am completely invested in your case and its successful completion,” she said.

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Pillonel is licensed to practice in Texas.


Ms. Pillonel received her Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, and Master of Arts from the University of Texas at Dallas. She received her Juris Doctor from SMU Dedman School of Law.

Professional Experience

Ms. Pillonel also practiced family law prior to joining Cordell & Cordell.


Ms. Pillonel is a member of the State Bar of Texas, American Bar Association, Hays County Bar Association Travis County Bar Association, Williamson County Bar Association, and is a past Associate of The Patrick E. Higginbotham American Inns of Court.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Ms. Pillonel has contributed video content and responses to Ask a Lawyer questions on



“Cassandra did a great job! She was very personable and was always available in a timely manner.  I always knew and felt confident that she had my best interest at heart! … “


“Cassandra is the real deal. If I wasn’t active duty, my face would be all over Fox to let everyone know how great she is! She has given me some phenomenal advice. Cassandra also does very well with my unique personality. I think we have taught each other a lot, and I hope that takes us far in court. As I’ve gotten to know her, she doesn’t treat me like I’m just any other case, she treats me like I am a unique case. I am grateful for that and confident going into court with her representing me. This is the first time anyone has gotten me in front of a judge in 5 years. For that, I am staying with her whether we win or not!  I am the most confident in her out of anyone I’ve ever spoken with, including congressmen, supreme court members and superior military officers. I am deeply impressed … “


“Cassandra is an absolutely phenomenal attorney! She is world-class [and] very patient. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney.”


“Cassandra is great! … Cassandra was able to get things moving for me. I am very happy with the outcome. Cassandra is very professional and has always kept my best interest at heart. I want to thank her for a job well done!”


“Due to circumstances in my case and your firm’s stance in this sort of litigation to make sure fathers get justice, I chose Cordell & Cordell. One of the things I was most impressed with was their choice of attorney for me. Cassandra is very experienced with practicing in my county. I know that she is the right fit for me. She appreciates the position I’m in and has done what I’ve asked. Cassandra has been really good. I’m very pleased.”



“Cassandra did a great job! She accomplished everything I wanted; nothing more, nothing less. She was great all around! I have already recommended Cordell & Cordell to a friend.”



“Please tell Cassandra and [the regional parter] that I am very pleased. We knew it would be difficult, and it was. It was scary. Cassandra prepared us very well. She gave us the advice we needed to win. The outcome was exactly as she predicted. My compliments to her for that. Please pass along that there is a 17 year old girl who is very happy thanks to Cassandra! I appreciate her advice and give her huge kudos for everything she’s done. I am definitely pleased with Cordell & Cordell and Cassandara. Just having a Client Care Department speaks volumes to me, and I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me. Its scary to trust that your best interest is at heart, but I am glad I trusted Cassandra and Cordell & Cordell.”



“Cassandra has done such an amazing job! She’s definitely made my life less stressful. She always gets back to me right away and has made sure the opposing party/counsel cannot drag this out. I have no complaints. Cassandra has done so well with helping me through this. Anytime anything new happens with my case, I am notified that day. Cassandra is great!”


“Cassandra is obviously very knowledgeable, and I can tell she will be looking out for my best interests. She has been very good in terms of planning for possible controversies. I am very satisfied.”


“I have been extremely satisfied with the services Cassandra has provided. We touch base about once a week, and every interaction with her has been positive. She is very knowledgeable, attentive and has a great demeanor.”


“I think Cassandra did a great job with keeping me updated every step of the way. I’m sure to her my case was very basic, but to me my case was unique and I felt she treated it that way, which was great. She kept me completely updated, and I never had to wait for her responses or wonder what was happening next. She is great with communication!”


“Cassandra is wonderful; very courteous and professional. Service was excellent, and everything went smoothly. [I] already recommended two individuals. Thank you!”


“My attorney is knowledgeable, detail-oriented and very thorough. She shared … very good pointers for me to follow from the day I signed up and prepared me [for] how I should be careful in all aspects of my life. My interests are her primary concerns. I am very appreciative of her and I am glad she’s working with me on this case.”


“Cassandra is fantastic. My case has been long, complicated, and at times frustrating. Cassandra has been a consummate professional throughout everything…”


“Cassandra has been great, I appreciate everything she did for me.”

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