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Cary Goldstein

Litigation Attorney

Boise divorce attorney Cary Goldstein

Boise divorce attorney Cary Goldstein appreciates the one-on-one interaction with clients family law affords him. That gives him the opportunity to make a positive impact in the client’s life, both during the process and in the future.

“Having the ability to craft agreements for a client that achieves their goals now and into the future is very rewarding,” Mr. Goldstein said. “A poor agreement leaves the door open for future litigation. My desire is to get my clients off the litigation roller coaster and focused on the future.”

Mr. Goldstein is optimistic and thinks well outside the box, but he also is realistic and will provide his client with the best advice to reach their desired outcome.

“I am brutally honest with clients on what to expect and what changes they need to make to push the expectations higher,” he said.

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Goldstein is licensed to practice in Idaho.


Mr. Goldstein received his bachelor of arts in business administration with a minor in marketing from Western State Colorado University. He earned his juris doctor from Concordia University School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Goldstein practiced real estate law, business law, and family law.


  • Idaho Association of Realtors, 2010
  • Idaho State Bar Association, 2016


"I am extremely happy with the service Cary provided.  He was always very quick to respond to me.  I am very satisfied."
"Cary was, in my experience and opinion, an excellent attorney. He showed an unexpected degree of dedication in the late evenings and weekends spent working for me and being generally available to either take directly or respond in a very timely fashion to my calls and messages to him. He was always direct and forthright, never sugar coating anything, or trying to lead me to believe anything unrealistic, but also maintained a positive and upbeat manner regarding things at the same time. Also, he was very sympathetic, he reached out and expressed understanding as a father himself. While this isn't my first divorce, I thought that was a nice thing for him to do, and I greatly appreciated it.​​"