Brad Schweiger - A Cordell & Cordell Madison Divorce Attorney

Brad Schweiger

Senior Litigation Attorney

Madison divorce attorney Brad SchweigerThe reason Madison divorce attorney Brad Schweiger became a lawyer was, first and foremost, to help people. Practicing family law affords him the opportunity to help protect what is most important to his clients: their family and their assets.

“Family law allows me the honor of helping people through what is often one of the most stressful and traumatic periods of their lives,” Mr. Schweiger said. “That gives me great satisfaction.”

Mr. Schweiger pinpoints two characteristics that help him more than any others when it comes to practicing family law: persistence and understanding.

“Persistence is necessary whether I am researching a difficult case or negotiating a settlement,” Mr. Schweiger said. “Understanding is necessary to connect with people and gain insight into their goals and concerns. Without these traits, the practice would boil down to rote application of the law instead of what it should be – precisely applied to the facts and concerns of the client and litigation goals.”

From the outset, Mr. Schweiger wants to know and understand what his client wants to accomplish immediately and what their long-term goals are for litigation. After he obtains that information he moves forward with setting expectations and discusses the process moving forward and how best to accomplish those objectives.

Throughout it all, he emphasizes patience.

“Many family law issues take time to fully resolve,” he said. “I make certain my client is fully aware of the anatomy of a typical family law case. Most importantly, I want my clients to know that their concerns are important to me and that I will work hard to address those concerns.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Schweiger is licensed to practice in Wisconsin and Illinois.


Mr. Schweiger earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He earned his Juris Doctor from the John Marshall Law School.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Schweiger practiced family law, criminal law, civil litigation, and wills and probate.


Mr. Schweiger is a member of the Illinois State Bar, the Wisconsin State Bar, the Western District of Wisconsin, and the Dane County Bar Association.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

  • Safety vs. Security: How Broad but Selective Public Access to Environmental Data Properly Balances Communities’ Safety and Homeland Security, 25 J. Marshall J. Computer & Info. L. 273 (Spring 2008).



“Brad is right on the ball with things, and he is exactly what I need out of an attorney. I don’t feel like there is any smoke and mirrors with you guys. I am happy to finally have someone that is truly on my side.”


“Brad is amazing at returning my calls; no matter what time it is he always addresses any questions or concerns I have. I’m very pleased with Brad and Cordell & Cordell. It is so nice to have this level of communication. I know if I call or email Brad that I wont have to wait long for a reply. I’m truly happy with Cordell & Cordell. … I don’t second guess my choice at all.”


“Brad is doing an excellent job. He ACTUALLY listens to me! It’s great! He always provides me with detailed explanations before and after an event, which I greatly appreciate. I am new to this whole process, and I like being well-informed about each step of the process.”


“Brad has been great. He always returns my calls the same day, normally 30 minutes after leaving him a message I get a response back from him. He is definitely a Pit Bull when he needs to be. My case has gained great ground movement since I have hired you all. I truly appreciate everything that has been done so far. I have already referred two people to your firm. One is already a client and the other is still looking into things.”


“I am so happy with Brad. … This is the most wonderful experience of my life. He leads me through everything; I have all the knowledge I need. My eyes are now wide open.”


“Brad is very detailed with his correspondence. He always answers all of my questions and gets back to me right away. I always know that he’s doing everything he can. I really appreciate everything he’s doing for me. Two thumbs up for Brad! I have been very satisfied. He’s respectful of my wishes and always looking out for me.”


“I have felt that Brad has always tried his best. My divorce has an additional dynamic in that part of the divorce is also happening in the U.K. During this time there was heavy weekend work involved and communication between himself and the U.K. branch. I have always felt Brad would put the effort in to ensure the best outcome possible. I couldn’t ask for better support.”


“Brad is very responsive, and he always contacts me when something changes! He will always follow up by sending me a detailed email outlining everything as well. Brad is doing great! We may have differences of opinions here and there, but that’s okay. Brad has always heard me out and moved forward as I wished. …”


​ “Brad’s easy personality and great advice really helped me through this difficult process. The firm was great to work with and everyone at the office was always professional and helpful.”