Ashton S. Bowns

Litigation Attorney

For Greenville divorce attorney Ashton S. Bowns, family law gives a deeper appreciation of family and the importance it plays in all our lives.

“I hope to be a guiding light in what can possibly be one of the most stressful times in an individual’s life,” Ms. Bowns said.

Ms. Bowns tries to encourage her clients and always provides a listening ear, but she also is very realistic on the options that each client has, the potential outcomes, and goals.

She always cautions her clients not to go into a case wanting to “beat” the other party. While family members and friends may encourage such an outlook, she rarely sees positive outcomes with that mindset.

“While you may have multiple friends who have gone through the process, each case is unique, each county and state are different, and each judge has a different approach,” she said. “When developing a strategy, speak with me about the approach and what makes your case unique.”