Ashley N. Cash

Litigation Attorney

Ashley Cash appreciates family law because she enjoys personal connection and making a difference in lives. She is driven by client-focused advocacy and cherishes the relationships that she has built and developed with family law clients as they are often real, personal, and raw.

“I believe that I can relate and sympathize with each client’s situation; however, I am direct and to the point. I recognize that each client has a unique situation that is often near and dear to their heart. My job, and goal, is to effectively put clients in a better position whether it be to the court or as a parent or guardian in general.” she says.

Ashley will give clients the time, information, and resources that they will need to feel prepared and equipped for their family law proceeding. Each case is different. The facts are different, the parties are different, and the judges, opposing counsel, and even the counties where matters are being heard are different. Therefore, each case strategy is different and there is often no clear answer as to how a client’s case will proceed throughout litigation. Ashley is confident in her ability to legally strategize ensuring that each client is zealously represented. Ashley recognizes that family law matters are often stressful and overwhelming, but she is confident in her ability to reduce client stress by communicating and conveying expectations throughout the litigation process.