Ariel Peres

Litigation Attorney

San Mateo divorce attorney Ariel Peres pursued a career in family law because she was interested in helping families part in the healthiest way possible and limiting the impact of divorce on children.

“Divorce can be a very difficult time in a person’s life, and I am committed to making that major transition as soon as possible for my clients,” Ms. Peres said.

Ms. Peres considers the defining trait that has helped her in practicing law to be her creativity. She uses it to her advantage to come up with unique solutions to family law matters to fit her clients’ individual needs.

When meeting with clients for the first time, she always assures them that they will be informed and involved throughout the process, and that is a promise she follows through on.

“Attorneys are there to guide clients and make them as informed as possible when making decisions on a case,” she said. “My client should always expect to feel supported throughout the process.”