Antwonique Turner

Litigation Attorney

Houston divorce attorney Antwonique Turner chose a career in family law because it is universally relatable.

“Irrespective of demographics, we are all likely to personally encounter a family law related issue,” Ms. Turner said, “or there is a good chance that someone close to us will. Knowing that family law is the only are of law that can cause someone to lose their children, finances, and freedom, I wanted to be the delegated individual to assist with avoiding that.”

Family law is emotional, and it can be excessively stressful without the right counsel. Ms. Turner finds that challenge fulfilling and embraces the opportunity to make such an impact while alleviating unnecessary stress throughout the process.

“I think the characteristic that has helped me the most in the practice of law is resiliency,” she said. “I have overcome every obstacle that life has presented, and I’ve kept going. My life experiences have equipped me with the tools to be the advocate that my clients need when they are going through tough times.”

Ms. Turner asks that her clients trust her as she navigates them through the process and reassures them that this is not just their “fight,” but rather a team effort.

“I would remind them that this journey might not be over as quickly as they would like, but the result will speak for itself,” she said. “I would reiterate to them that they have an attorney beside them that has taken their matter personally and will treat their case as if it were mine.”