Allie C. Moore

Litigation Attorney

As a child, Wilmington divorce attorney Allie C. Moore saw many friends and family members go through painful family law issues. From failed adoptions to cheating spouses, she was exposed to the family court system from a young age.

“Throughout all of these experiences, I saw how important it is to have a knowledgeable, committed, and zealous attorney involved,” Ms. Moore said. “It was those experiences that sparked my interest in family law and made me want to become an attorney.”

If there is a single trait that defines Ms. Moore, she says it is her fierceness.

“I do not back down from a challenge and I don’t give up on the things I believe in,” she said.

Ms. Moore is always honest with her clients, whether they like it or not. She does not make false promises or tell them things just to make them feel better.

“In my experience, clients appreciate that candor, and it allows them to trust me on a deeper level,” she said.