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About Cordell & Cordell

Cordell & Cordell was co-founded in 1990 by Joseph E. Cordell and his wife, Yvonne, as a general practice firm focusing on men’s divorce and family law. Mr. Cordell noticed about 98% of the firm’s clients were men, and the need for a level playing field in divorce courts sparked the idea of Cordell & Cordell. The firm has since grown to more than 100 offices across the United States, and it opened its first office in the United Kingdom in May 2015. With this experience and the figures to back it up, we have become the largest family law firm serving men in the world.

With the Cordell and Cordell Affiliate Network Program, your firm can now be a part of this legacy. Through this opportunity, you will receive the benefit of referrals from our firm and gain access to the resources and marketing capabilities of the Cordell & Cordell brand and grow the family division of your firm.

  • Year founded: 1990
  • Number of attorneys: 285+
  • Number of legal staff: 175+
  • Number of offices: 117
  • Number of states with offices: 38
  • Number of clients served: 250,000+

Program Details

How does the Cordell & Cordell and Cordell Affiliate Network Program Work?

When our potential clients search for us, they are also searching for you. Cordell & Cordell will identify your firm on our website as one of our affiliate partners.

An affiliate of Cordell & Cordell is not limited to those firms that practice family law. We would like to speak with any firm that wants to broaden your firms offering and assist you I growing your family law area

How does my firm benefit from the Cordell & Cordell and Cordell Affiliate Network Program?

Simply put, we have a strong, recognizable brand as a family law firm, and we can help you grow your practice by driving family law clients to your firm.

Your firm will also benefit from the vast marketing reach that Cordell & Cordell has through our website, radio, and television advertising. Cordell receives an average of TBD number (waiting to hear back from M. Morgan with number) new inquires a day to our call center. Through the Affiliate Network Program, your firm can benefit from this call volume in your area. Additionally, your firm will have the opportunity to utilize the same marketing services that have grown Cordell to the largest family law firm serving men in the world.

Cordell & Cordell is home to roughly 300 of the most agile minds in family law.   This network becomes available to affiliates as they face unique or difficult cases and would benefit from tapping in to our knowledge base of experienced family law experts.

Our proprietary Practice Quality (PQ) and Litigation Practice System (LPS) procedures ensure that our attorneys maintain a 95% satisfaction rating with our clients. Members of our affiliate program will utilize this unique approach to maintain excellence within their firms.  

The practice of law requires a significant commitment and attention from attorneys, and your firm should be able to focus on that. More than 100 professionals at Lexicon support Cordell & Cordell, and as a member of the affiliate program you will leverage Lexicon’s practice management software for your family law matters. For more than a decade, Lexicon has only served law firms—with practice management software, marketing services, appointment setting, revenue optimization, client billing, support services, and more. This support breaks down the barriers that keep attorneys from building their best firm. Affiliates of Cordell & Cordell will receive a discounted rate on Lexicon services outside of the affiliate relationship to help grow their non-family law practice areas, helping you to liberate your law firm to do more of what you do best.

Quality Control Process

When you join Cordell & Cordell’s Affiliate Program, your law firm’s attorneys get access to the Cordell Quality Control Process.

In order to ensure quality service, Cordell & Cordell reviews each employee and legal process continuously and thoroughly to nip any potential problem in the bud.

Integrity and efficiency are a paramount concern at Cordell & Cordell. To ensure you understand the path we take to success with every team member, we’d like to walk you through the Cordell & Cordell reviews process and all that goes into our customer service.

  • Cordell & Cordell Review Process – We hold Cordell & Cordell attorneys to the utmost standards. Every attorney with the firm must undergo a rigorous review process twice annually. These reviews are administered by a Partner and comes complete with its own dashboard of performance metrics, records of total satisfied clients, and a calculated ratio of satisfied clients.
  • Cordell & Cordell Reviews: Partners for Performance – Partners establish standards for performance that must be met or exceeded by attorneys. Through highly involved Partners, we bring out the best of our attorneys and, in turn, the Cordell & Cordell name. Their presence underscores the need to perform well under review. And, if standards aren’t met, the Partners know about it immediately. This is the catalyst to our efficiency.
  • Cordell & Cordell Attorney Reviews – Attorneys with the firm undergo periodic review of their credentials, so the lawyers all maintain their state bar qualifications. Whenever there are continuing professional education credits to be earned, or community service requirements, or tests and exams to be passed, our attorneys are well-prepared. Thus, they continually earn the right to practice law in a state where Cordell & Cordell is located.
  • Cordell & Cordell’s Commitment to Practice Quality and Premium Client Service – Our firm also utilizes a Practice Quality Department to provide a constant stream of real-time performance analysis and feedback. The Practice Quality Department is headed by experienced litigation counsel and is comprised of two divisions – Practice Proficiency and Client Care.
    • The Practice Proficiency Division is responsible for oversight of the firm’s standards of litigation practices, ensuring that they are updated to keep the firm on the forefront of high-quality representation and utilizing various systems and procedures to ensure that every firm attorney adheres to those standards. 
    • The Client Care Division, our customer service center, is responsible for the Cordell & Cordell Ratings process. This process is in place to ensure if there is a Cordell & Cordell complaint that the issue is resolved, and we improve our process.

The results of these interviews are entered and considered as part of the total Cordell & Cordell Rating. When informed by real customer experience, customer service can be improved, and high-quality relationships maintained.

  • Cordell & Cordell Reviews for Continuous Improvement – Efforts to improve service and achieve business excellence rely on a step-by-step process known as “Continuous Improvement.” The steps to our Continuous Improvement include:
    • PLAN
    • ASSESS
  • Cordell & Cordell Office Reviews – Every office must undergo the Cordell & Cordell Performance Review. With offices throughout the country, this is vital to a united Cordell & Cordell front. The following are examined during our office reviews:
    • * Strict financial controls and accounting;
    • * Warm, friendly customer service;
    • * Spacious, private offices;
    • * Ample parking;
    • * A comfortable and quiet physical space;
    • * Fast and accurate computers;
    • * Secure, speedy networks; and
    • * Many other factors are also measured.

To learn more about the Quality Control Process, visit

Lexicon Software and Services

As a key part of Cordell & Cordell’s Network Affiliate Program, a 25% discount on Lexicon software and services is offered to new affiliate offices.

Lexicon is a legal software and services provider that has been supporting Cordell & Cordell for more than 12 years. They take a holistic approach to practice management, offering a wide range of legal support services that integrate seamlessly into a robust, all-in-one practice management software suite.

For more than a decade, Lexicon has only served law firms—with practice management software, marketing services, appointment setting, revenue optimization, client billing, support services and more. Lexicon understands the challenges law firms face every day, and their sole focus is to break down the barriers that keep attorneys from building their best firm.