Cordell Cordell Reviews: Michigan

Ann Arbor

5 Stars

“Laura has been diligent, professional, and has given very detailed options and pros and cons to each so far.  I am very happy.”

— G.T.
5 Stars

“Laura is professional and made me feel like she really cared about our case. She took care of everything we asked of her. The end result was what we all wanted as I got custody of my daughter.”

— Anonymous
5 Stars

“I’m usually leery when doing a survey about giving all 5’s, but Laura deserves it. She’s so level-headed. No matter who you are, this is an emotional time and her personality is just perfect. She’s a good listener, and I tell people all the time how lucky I got by working with her.”

— H.B.
5 Stars

“Laura keeps me updated as if I were family. … She’s been excellent. She knows her business, and so far I’ve been satisfied with all the outcomes.  I’m very happy.”

— Christopher C.
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