Cordell Cordell Reviews: Iowa

Des Moines

5 Stars

“​My experience with everyone has far exceeded my expectations! It feels great to finally have an attorney that fights for my rights and helps try to bring balance into my life. Thank you and please keep up the wonderful work!”

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— Anonymous
5 Stars

“I like how [my attorney] is more hands-on and involved. It’s nice to have an attorney I can really talk with.”

— Ronald S.
5 Stars

“​Every case is going to be different and unique. I felt that this was a collaborative process between Stephen and I. He was open to conversations and collaborating with me. As a young attorney he has developed a great role. Stephen was fabulous and did a great job. He was the perfect fit.”

— Josh H.
5 Stars

“​Mr. Babe has done a great job. As a father and a human being I didn’t know I had more rights then I ever could of imagined. Mr. babe has also been giving me great advice on what to do and what not to do. If it wasn’t for him I would be in a much worse position. So there no need for improvements.”

— Benjamin H.
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