Capped Fee Billing Option

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Capped Fee Billing Option

Cordell & Cordell is now offering a capped-fee billing option for new clients to help remove the uncertainty regarding the cost of family law matters.

One of the biggest unknowns men face when facing a family law issue is the unpredictability of hourly billing.

The new capped-fee option offers clients convenient set rates for family law services in the areas of child custody, child support contempt motions, motions to modify child support, adult abuse petitions, and emergency custody relief.

For more information on Cordell & Cordell’s capped-fee divorce rates, call 866-DADS-LAW or fill out this online contact form.

Terms and Conditions

  • The capped fee program began in May 2022.
  • Applies to new clients only.
  • Not all matter types will apply.
  • A qualified Capped Fee matter is limited to the three types described below:
    • Custody/Child Support Contempt Motions;
    • Motions to Modify Child Support; and,
    • Adult Abuse Petition/Emergency Custody Relief.
  • Determining whether a matter is qualified will be made by the consulting attorney.
  • A qualified matter is limited to those matters described above. The matter is no longer qualified if additions are made to those claims by the client or the opposing party adds claims that fall outside the type of matters covered by the program.
  • Program is being offered in all Cordell Office locations except FL, NJ, SC, UT, and NV.
  • The client only pays for work done and billed. If the matter is concluded for less than the capped amount, the client will only pay for what has been billed and will be refunded for any remaining money in trust.
  • If a client has not yet retained but has already met with Cordell for an Initial Consultation and has a qualified matter, he/she can be offered the Capped Fee Program.

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