Join Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner and CEO Scott Trout, in another insightful episode of the Men’s Divorce Podcast. In this episode, Mr. Trout is joined by Danielle Kulik, a Senior Litigation Attorney at Cordell & Cordell, to delve into the crucial topic of knowing your rights during the appeals process in divorce cases.

Going through a divorce is undoubtedly a challenging and emotionally charged experience, and understanding your rights when it comes to appealing your case can make a significant difference in the outcome. Mr. Trout and Ms. Kulik share their vast knowledge and insight into family law to guide you through the necessary steps of the appeal process, offering valuable insights and practical advice.

Throughout the episode, Mr. Trout and Mr. Kulik explore various key aspects related to appealing your case. They shed light on what an appeal entails, providing a comprehensive overview of the process and what it will look like for individuals seeking to challenge a divorce ruling. From gathering the relevant evidence to drafting persuasive arguments, they highlight the essential elements necessary to strengthen your appeal.

Preserving your rights to appeal is equally important, and Mr. Trout and Ms. Kulik offer listeners invaluable tips on safeguarding their interests during the initial stages of the divorce proceedings. They discuss crucial considerations, such as ensuring accurate documentation, preserving evidence, and maintaining strong legal representation, all of which play a vital role in building a solid foundation for a potential appeal.

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