Cordell & Cordell’s virtual town hall features a question-and-answer session with a panel of divorce attorneys.

Cordell & Cordell Managing/Executive Partner, CEO Scott Trout is joined by divorce attorneys Presley Davis and Christopher Kennedy as they discuss updates regarding mediation and take answers from the audience regarding the family law issues they are facing. Topics covered include paying child support in the form of a stock, modifying child support and alimony after cohabitation, how tax exemptions can affect child support and alimony recalculations, whether you have the right to know where your ex is living when you share joint legal custody, modifying child support after emancipation and a change in income, and more.

Cordell & Cordell is continuing to host monthly town halls to help answer the most pressing issues men face during divorce. Be sure to register for the next session. A recording of the town hall will be emailed to all registrants so you can still watch if unable to attend live.

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