Cordell & Cordell Jacksonville divorce attorney Iana D. Benjamin recently published an article in the Jacksonville Daily Record for the Jacksonville Lawyer’s Association Bar Bulletin that explored how the COVID-19 pandemic might end up affecting Generation Alpha.

Generation Alpha is a term coined by futurist and social researcher Mark McCrindle to describe the children born to millennials and the first generation entirely born in the 21st century.

Ms. Benjamin notes that this is the most technologically savvy generation in history with children under the age of 9 spending 48 minutes per day on mobile devices, according to a Common Sense Media report.

Ms. Benjamin writes that it will be years before the true impact of the pandemic on this generation are fully understood, but it is likely to be substantial although not necessarily entirely for the worse.

“This I know for sure: COVID-19 has left its mark on all of us forever,” she wrote. “We have learned a thing or two about resiliency and surviving in the midst of so much loss and grief.

“Our awareness regarding our mental and physical health is at an all-time high and we are more conscious of taking the time needed to ensure that our well-being nourished.”

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