COVID-19 and Divorce info hubAs the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down activity across the world, more and more men and fathers are facing questions about how the virus is going to affect their divorce or child custody situation.

Guys across the United States have come to Cordell & Cordell’s divorce attorneys with questions about family law matters that are going to have a monumental impact on their lives. Some of the most frequently asked questions include:

  • How are rights to parenting time and visitation affected during shelter-in-place orders?
  • Is it still possible to file for divorce if family courts are shut down due to the Coronavirus?
  • How can I pay child support or alimony if I lost my job or had a large decrease in income because of COVID-19?
  • What can I do to ensure my children are safe and healthy when I share custody with my ex-wife?

To address these and other concerns, Cordell & Cordell is producing an ongoing weekly webinar series as well as frequent podcast episodes about COVID-19 and divorce. Cordell & Cordell CEO/Managing Partner Scott Trout talks with divorce lawyers across the country about the issues they are seeing come up due to the pandemic.

All webinars and podcast episodes can be viewed in their entirety on Cordell & Cordell’s COVID-19 Information Hub. This resource center is designed to address all the different ways the Coronavirus is factoring into family law matters.

There is much uncertainty about what lies ahead, but after viewing these webinars and podcasts you will be better informed about what you are facing and be better equipped to make informed decisions to help keep you and your loved ones safe during the pandemic.

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