As the Coronavirus has spread, families across the country have been seeking answers to their questions about how the virus is going to affect their divorce or child custody situation.

With so many uncertainties, local news organizations across the U.S. have turned to Cordell & Cordell divorce attorneys to answer frequently asked questions about the virus and divorce.

One of the most common questions centers on how to handle custody exchanges as more communities are faced with shelter-in-place orders. In an interview on Fox 26 Houston, Cordell & Cordell CEO Scott Trout emphasized the importance of maintaining consistency as much as possible during this time.

“What we’re telling clients at Cordell & Cordell is to minimize the change in the (custody) exchange,” Mr. Trout said. “If you have a schedule that is compliant with local or state or federal laws or shelter-in-place orders, keep those custody exchanges, but more important I think for the kids’ sake is keep the amount of time that you have with your kids – whether before, during or after divorce. … Try to maximize the amount of time each parent has with their kids because that will create the best effect for kids”

To further help parents during this uncertain time, Cordell & Cordell is continuing a weekly webinar series covering the numerous ways COVID-19 is impacting the divorce industry. The webinars are being held at 1 p.m. CT on Thursdays. Click here to register for the webinars. If you are unable to watch live, you can view the webinars in their entirety on the Cordell & Cordell YouTube channel.

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