pet custodyAny number of issues can end up getting contentious during the divorce process. More and more, divorcing couples are fighting over custody of the family pet.

Although pets are often considered part of the family by their adoring owners, in family court they are typically defined as property, according to Cordell & Cordell Texas family law attorney Bryan Abercrombie, who recently was interviewed about the topic on KTRH 740 AM-Houston.

“Most of the time people make their peace with one person getting the dog or cat,” Mr. Abercrombie said, “but sometimes, they really do love their fur babies.”

Even though people have a personal and emotional connection with their pets, the family dog or cat is treated like any other piece of property in family court.

“Normally, when people divide personal property they’ll take what’s in their possession, and sometimes there are listings of specific property that go to the husband or wife,” Mr. Abercrombie said. “But for the most part, people take what’s in their possession, so if you have possession of the dog, you’re going to keep the dog.”

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