Cordell & Cordell Litigation Partner Bryan Abercrombie recently appeared on 740 KTRH-Houston to discuss a new child custody trend referred to as “bird nesting.”

Rather than shuffling the children back and forth between two households, the parents will trade turns moving in and out of one household, depending on whose time it is to have the kids.

“A lot of times they will try it, so it gets the kids more used to spending time with one parent for a period of time, then spending time with the other parent a period of time,” said Mr. Abercrombie, who works out of the firm’s office in The Woodlands.

The “nesting agreement” is not court-ordered, and it requires a lot of flexibility between the couple.

“On a short-term basis, it does provide some flexibility,” he said. “The biggest thing is that if you don’t want to uproot your kids, it does provide stability and consistency.

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