WRVA-RichmondCordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout recently appeared on NewsRadio 1140 WRVA-Richmond to discuss Cordell & Cordell’s ongoing expansion. 

Cordell & Cordell recently opened a new office in Richmond, and three other cities, and is continuing to expand nationwide in an effort to represent more men and fathers through divorce.

In the interview, Mr. Trout explained some of the common stereotypes men face in the family court system and how Cordell & Cordell fights against those misconceptions.

“We have these stereotypes that go back years and years and years,” he said. “The fact of the matter is now those stereotypes, in reality, just shouldn’t exist. A higher percentage of guys are staying home with their children. We have a higher percentage of women that are making more than the man and, in fact, they’re the primary breadwinner of the home.

“What we’re trying to tell the court and judiciary is it’s time to recognize that the traditional role of the family just no longer exists.”

Mr. Trout also explained how the firm regularly hosts free Men’s Divorce School seminars across the country to better inform guys about the intricacies of the divorce process.

Click below to listen to the full interview.

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