Katherine Daman On How Power Of Attorney Helps Divorced Parents

Katherine Daman On How Power Of Attorney Helps Divorced Parents

WHO-Des MoinesCordell & Cordell Des Moines Associate Attorney Katherine Daman recently appeared on the Simon Conway Show on WHO NewsRadio 1040 AM-Des Moines to explain how the firm’s Power of Attorney services can help families gain security and peace of mind when their kids move off to college.

Cordell & Cordell offers free Power of Attorney services to divorced parents so that they maintain an element of control even as their children head to campus.

“When you have a child who’s heading off to college, although we want them to be independent, mom and dad still play huge role in financial and educational means as well as medical,” Ms. Daman said. “Power of Attorney gives parents the right to stay involved in all those issues and the major decision making that comes with that.”

Power of Attorney also gives parents access to important records and documents and allows them to make critical decisions in the event of an emergency.

“The Power of Attorney allows the parent, with the child’s permission, to access information regarding the financial aid process and to be directly involved in obtaining the financial aid,” Ms. Daman said. “Let’s just say, of course, nobody plans for anything terrible to happen, but let’s just say one of their children is in a car accident and a medical decision needs to be made. The Power of Attorney gives the parent the ability to make those important medical decisions in the moment as opposed to wading through the red tape at the hospital.”

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