Father's DayEvery single day throughout the year dads give so much of themselves to their families. Fathers are selfless, caring, and reliable. While your contributions might get overlooked more than they should, the love and commitment you have for your kids is always appreciated. 

On Father’s Day, we recognize the special bond a dad has with his children. It’s a bond that is truly unique and central to a child’s development.

Unfortunately, the family court system has a way of marginalizing dads. Too often, custody determinations relegate fathers to the sidelines, which can make Father’s Day especially difficult.

Although popular culture’s portrayal of dads is becoming gradually more progressive, brands still tend to ignore marketing to fathers and have even produced campaigns suggesting they are sort of a secondary parent.

Don’t buy into these ill-conceived stereotypes. The role you play as a father is special and irreplaceable.

We hope you are able to spend a relaxing Father’s Day surrounded by those who are most important to you. If, for whatever reason, you’re separated from your children on this day, don’t let that trick you into thinking you’re any less of a father. Keep showing up for your kids and keep giving them the love they deserve and need.

From the entire team at Cordell & Cordell, happy Father’s Day.

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