Cordell & Cordell Attorney Phyllis MacCutcheon Appears On FOX 61-Hartford - Cordell & Cordell

Cordell & Cordell Attorney Phyllis MacCutcheon Appears On FOX 61-Hartford

Fox 61 HartfordCordell & Cordell Hartford family law attorney Phyllis MacCutcheon recently appeared on the Stan Simpson Show on Fox 61-Hartford to discuss the firm’s recent expansion to Connecticut and to explain Cordell & Cordell’s mission in fighting for men and fathers’ rights.

Ms. MacCutcheon, who is staffing the firm’s Hartford office that recently opened, discussed the cultural norms and expectations that led to Cordell & Cordell’s emergence as a firm that focuses on representing dads in divorce.

“The natural feel of things in the culture in our society is that moms have custody of the kids and dads have weekend visits,” Ms. MacCutcheon said. “That was the genesis of the idea of the firm to start advocating fiercely for dads and dads’ rights, because the thought process is that kids should have two parents and why shouldn’t dads be the primary parent instead of just having it be moms?”

Ms. MacCutcheon elaborated that custody decisions tend to be biased against the breadwinner in the family more than they are actually biased against men. Fathers, however, have traditionally filled that role within the family. But times have changed with more women entering the workplace and more dads taking on household and child-raising duties.

“Dads are as involved in their children’s lives as moms are,” Ms. MacCutcheon said. “Dads are going to PTA meetings. Dads are going to IEP meetings. Dads are coaching soccer and basketball and softball teams. Dads are going to the games and all of the pageants and dads are hosting birthday parties and bringing kids to all of the events, just like moms are.”

Click below to watch both of the two-part segment.

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