Attorney Phyllis L. MacCutcheon Promotes Power Of Attorney Services

Attorney Phyllis L. MacCutcheon Promotes Power Of Attorney Services

CBS Radio-HartfordCordell & Cordell Hartford attorney Phyllis L. MacCutcheon recently appeared on “Yes, It’s Complicated” on WJJF-FM to discuss a number of matters affecting men and fathers going through divorce including Cordell & Cordell’s new Power of Attorney services

“When kids turn 18, they’re considered adults and divorced dads already have a hard enough time getting information from their kids,” Ms. MacCutcheon said. “When kids turn 18, they’re adults and as a parent you no longer have the right to get health information, medical information, financial and educational information from your kids.”

Cordell & Cordell offers free Power of Attorney services to divorced parents so that they have access to important records and are protected in case of emergencies.

Ms. MacCutcheon also explained many other ways Cordell & Cordell can assist divorced men and fathers such as in drafting comprehensive parenting plans when you have communication issues with your ex.

“Some parents are able to communicate very well together,” she said. “Some kids are handling the divorce better. Some kids are much younger and some kids are much older. When you have older kids and parents that cannot communicate well together, then there are very strong provisions that you can put into a parenting agreement.”

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