Cordell & Cordell, along with its sponsored sites Dads Divorce and Men’s Divorce, presents a news video covering the best articles from the last month.

Cordell & Cordell recently linked to Principal Partner Joe Cordell’s April Huffington Post column titled, “4 Ways To Help You Succeed In Divorce Court.”

Although every aspect of divorce is tough, the part that tends to intimidate people the most is the actual court appearance.

Dads Divorce published a new article about transitioning through the divorce process when you’re caught off-guard.

Divorce is rarely something that’s planned for and can leave many guys unprepared and in a vulnerable position.

Men’s Divorce added a new article about how the recently released Panama Papers demonstrate how far some of the world’s most affluent individuals will go to hide assets from their spouse when they divorce.

The papers, which came from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca, contained details about how millionaires and billionaires were using offshore companies to help shield assets from their soon-to-be exes.

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Cordell & Cordell, Joe Cordell Gives Divorce Court Tips In Huffington Post

Dads Divorce, Navigating The Divorce Process When You’re Caught Off-Guard

Men’s Divorce, Panama Papers Demonstrate All’s Fair In Love And War

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