Cordell & Cordell, along with its sponsored sites Dads Divorce and Men’s Divorce, presents a news video covering the best articles from the last month.

Cordell & Cordell summarized an interview Men’s Health Magazine conducted with Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joe Cordell in its April 2016 issue about the disadvantages men face during the divorce process.

Mr. Cordell explained that while society often decides some forms of discrimination are unacceptable, there is a lack of advocates for men who battle unfair gender stereotypes during the divorce process.

Dads Divorce added a guest article by Parental Alienation Study Group President William Bernet about the eight symptoms of parental alienation.

The eight symptoms, developed by Dr. Richard Gardner in 1985, all occur in the child and have held up well as indicators of parental alienation.

Men’s Divorce posted a new article detailing the detrimental effects parental alienation can have on children and how dads can fight back against it.

Parental alienation involves the deterioration of a child’s relationship with one of their parents and often occurs after divorce. Although still somewhat misunderstood, it is gaining recognition, meaning dads have a greater chance of seeking remedy through the courts.

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