a2WsGpB-_400x400Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout recently appeared on The Jim Bohannon Show on Westwood One Radio to discuss some of the more unique divorce cases he’s handled. 

Mr. Trout recounted several cases he’s handled during the course of his career, including the divorce of an 80-year-old who wanted to continue dating, a client whose wife stole his silverware on Christmas day, a man who decided he wanted a divorce because his wife turned off his video game and a couple who took the division of marital property to the extreme.

Scott Trout

Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout

“This couple decided to stay in the same residence (during the divorce), which made sense financially,” Mr. Trout said, “but then they took it to another level. One went upstairs and installed an alarm system with a motion detector and the other went to the basement and installed the motion detector going into the basement.

“And then they went even further and decided to take yellow tape on the main floor and divided it nearly in half so that the other wouldn’t cross over into the other side’s territory.”

Click below to listen to the entire interview.

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