WPHT Philadelphia Cordell & Cordell New Jersey divorce attorney Michelle L. Ferreri recently appeared on 1210 WPHT-Philadelphia’s “Keeping it Real with Warren Flax” to discuss various factors to consider and challenges that arise during the divorce process. 

Ms. Ferreri kicked off the interview by describing how Cordell & Cordell focuses its practice on representing men during divorce.

“We try to make sure that men are getting a fair go at everything and they’re not put in a place where everyone thinks they should be,” she said. “The law in New Jersey is not gender-specific and we need to make sure they’re getting what’s fair for them and they’re not just walking away because they feel like, as the man, that’s what they’re supposed to do.”New Jersey divorce attorney Michelle Ferreri

She then proceeded to explain how there are a number of hurdles during divorce that are often unique to men.

Other topics Ms. Ferreri covered included the complications of divorce after the age of 50, recent changes to New Jersey alimony laws, how financial advisors can assist during the divorce process, how the court handles prenuptial agreements, and how child custody is determined for unmarried couples.

Click below to watch the full interview.

Challenges for Men and People Over 50 During a Divorce from Keeping it Real with Warren Flax on Vimeo.

How to Deal with a Divorce from Keeping it Real with Warren Flax on Vimeo.

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