Men's Divorce Source appCordell & Cordell recently launched its new Men’s Divorce Source App, giving men another dynamic resource to help them transition through the divorce process. 

The app is loaded with features designed to educate men and fathers about the divorce process, help organize their case, and locate additional information and resources.

One of the app’s most useful tools is a Goals section that helps users sort through their priorities and decide what they most hope to accomplish during their case. The section employs a simple-to-use interface that allows users to explore decisions they and their attorney can use during the different stages of the divorce.

The app’s Resources tab includes articles, podcasts, and videos from Cordell & Cordell and sponsored sites Dads Divorce and Men’s Divorce that explore and analyze divorce from the point of view of men and fathers.

A Glossary section on the app includes a list of definitions of frequently used divorce and family law terms that can be used as a quick reference to help simplify complex legal jargon and terminology. Each term also includes links to relevant articles explaining the term in more detail.

Visit the Apple iTunes Store to download the app today.

To learn more about the app before downloading, visit

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