Men's Divorce SchoolCordell & Cordell is happy to announce the relaunch of The revamped site, which features a more user-friendly interface, gives men a quick and easy way to register for the firm’s popular Men’s Divorce School webinars and in-person seminars.  

In addition to giving users a simple way to sign up for these complimentary educational events, the site also includes a new Resources section that features links to a Divorce 101 guidebook, podcasts, divorce survival guides, articles, and more.

The Men’s Divorce School seminars, which are hosted in select cities throughout the year, give an in-depth overview of the divorce process. The webinars, which you can attend using your computer, tablet, or mobile device, provide a more private environment to learn the ins and outs of the divorce process.

Cordell & Cordell conducts free Men’s Divorce School webinars and seminars throughout the year. Make sure to visit the site frequently to look for upcoming events.

Click here to learn more about Men’s Divorce School.

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