GameDay CoffeeCordell & Cordell is partnering with GameDay Coffee to host a free kick-off event for the start of the Indiana high school football season and to celebrate the bond between fathers and sons. 

The free event, which will run from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 31 at the Indianapolis Colts complex, will include football drills, music, and guest speakers, and will give players across the state the chance to socialize with some of the competition they’ll face on the field this fall.

GameDay Coffee founder Todd Melloh recently appeared on WIBC-Indianapolis to promote the event and discuss the concept of GameDay Coffee.

Mr. Melloh said the organization was founded on the simple idea of encouraging fathers to spend more one-on-one time with their children.

“There are 32 million children who wake up every single day without a biological father in their home,” he said. “This is an epidemic in our country. Dads, if you are blessed to have your children in your home, you have to take advantage of this.”

Mr. Melloh added that the partnership with Cordell & Cordell was a natural one considering the firm’s mission of helping maximize the role that fathers play in the lives of their children

“They’re so dedicated to helping men protect their rights when divorce litigation happens,” Mr. Melloh said. “And unfortunately, they have to be a part of that because divorce is part of our society, but they believe in helping men become more involved and more engaged with their children.”

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