Barry SandersNFL Hall of Fame running back and Cordell & Cordell celebrity spokesman Barry Sanders recently wrote a blog post explaining the importance of shielding your children from divorce. 

Divorce often leads to serious conflict between spouses. Arguments tend to come up more frequently and that leads to feelings of bitterness and resentment.

Through all of these ups and downs, it is important to consider how this process affects your kids, especially when they are younger.

“As much stress as you and your spouse feel while going through divorce, your kids will be feeling an equal amount of pressure,” Mr. Sanders said. “It is you and  your spouse’s responsibility first and foremost to reduce the burden the divorce has on your children.”

Mr. Sanders added that the most effective way to minimize that burden is by avoiding arguments when the kids are present. Witnessing their parents fighting will significantly increase the stress of transitioning to a divorced family.

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