Cordell & Cordell, along with its sponsored sites Dads Divorce and Men’s Divorce, presents a news video for the week of May 8, 2015.

This week, Cordell & Cordell linked to an appearance Principal Partner Joe Cordell recently made on Money Radio’s “Business for Breakfast” discussing the details of asset division during divorce.

Mr. Cordell said he advises his clients to expect an even split of marital assets, but that individual variables often sway that percentage.

DadsDivorce posted a new video to its DadsDivorce Live series featuring an interview with Kimberly Seals Allers, who recently forgave her ex husband of more than $38,000 in missed child support payments.

Ms. Seals Allers, who is an award-winning journalist and blogger, explained that her former spouse wasn’t unwilling to pay the support, but unable, and that the debt was alienating him from their children to everyone’s detriment.

Men’s Divorce added a new article explaining why it is not possible for divorcing couples to share the same attorney.

The cost of divorce leads many couples to question whether they can use the same attorney to cut their expenses and expedite the process. However, there are ethical and professional reasons that prevent lawyers from representing both sides.

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