Cordell & Cordell, along with its sponsored sites Dads Divorce and Men’s Divorce, presents a news video for the week of August 7, 2015

This week, Cordell & Cordell linked to an article published on that quoted Virginia family law attorney Rebecca DeVincent who explained what to do when an ex-spouse steals rewards points that were earned from purchases made with your credit card.

Dads Divorce posted a new article providing several back-to-school tips for divorced dads. Getting into a back-to-school routine can be especially stressful for divorced families and is crucial to take steps to establish a structured environment.

Men’s Divorce added a new video to its Attorney Bites series explaining under what circumstances spousal support, or alimony, can be modified after divorce. Support awards can typically be modified when there has been a change in circumstances so substantial and continuing that the current payments would be unconscionable.

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Dads Divorce, Back-To-School Tips For Divorced Dads

Men’s Divorce, Attorney Bites: Spousal Support Modifications

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