Men's Divorce SchoolCordell & Cordell has announced another free virtual Men’s Divorce School webinar for men in the Nashville area that will be hosted on Wednesday, Sept. 23. By signing up, anyone can receive a crash course in divorce 101 via their computer, tablet, smartphone or other connected device.

Topics covered will include how child custody is determined, how child support is figured, how Tennessee treats alimony, how the divorce process works in Nashville, and more.

The webinar will begin at noon CT and run until 1 p.m. Cordell & Cordell Partner Scott Trout and divorce attorney Erica Eberle will host the event.

Even if you don’t live in Nashville, it can still be helpful to learn more about the divorce process from attorneys who focus on leveling the playing field for men and fathers in family courts.

Register at, or by calling 615-457-8700.

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