wnislogohqCordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joe Cordell recently spoke with Tony Macrini of WNIS 790 AM to promote the upcoming Virginia Beach Men’s Divorce School seminar.

In the interview, Mr. Cordell explained how the seminar, which is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24, at the Westin Virginia Beach, can help prepare men who are facing divorce. 

“One of the problems that guys suffer with through their divorce is that they’re not prepared to be effective clients,” Mr. Cordell said. “So in order for a guy to be the best client they can be, they need to learn what the rules are. What the rules are relating to child support. What is it that a court looks at in deciding issues such as custody and division of property?”

Registration will begin at 6 p.m. with the seminar starting at 6:30 and running until 8:30.

For more information or to register for this free seminar, visit mensdivorceschool.com or call 757-774-8888.

“For guys to be able to come to a place where they can safely learn what are the principles of divorce, what are the things I need to do to prepare if I think a divorce is coming down the road — that’s what the Men’s Divorce School is designed to do,” Mr. Cordell said.

Listen to the full interview below.



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