Men’s Health Magazinemarriage tips recently featured Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell in an article called “7 Genius Marriage Tips – from Divorce Lawyers!

The article included seven tips from divorce attorneys on how to make a marriage last.

“Divorces aren’t spontaneous combustions,” Mr. Cordell said. “Guys act like their wives’ decision to leave them came like a bolt out of heaven. But the vast majority of divorces are just a result of inertia.”

Mr. Cordell added that it’s important for men to realize relationships are still vulnerable even after a couple exchanges wedding vows.

“You can’t take her for granted,” Mr. Cordell said. “Once you win her you have to keep winning her over every day.”

Mr. Cordell also stressed the importance of maintaining the traditions that originally made a relationship special. Small gestures like buying flowers on birthdays and even simply opening a car door for your wife can go a long ways toward keeping a marriage fresh.

It is also critical to maintain a constant stream of communication with your spouse.

“These men never shared or discussed the things going on in their lives,” Mr. Cordell said. “It seems to be a guy thing: going home from work and not wanting to talk.”

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