Men's Divorce Source AppA new and improved version of Cordell & Cordell’s free Men’s Divorce Source app is now available on the iTunes App Store. The updated version features an enhanced design and several new tools, providing valuable divorce resources easily accessible on your smartphone or other device.

The app enables you to quickly access, bookmark and share articles from both and; a family law reference section of topics related to divorce, child support, child custody, property division, and spousal support; and a divorce goal creator to help establish and track your case objectives.

The newest version has been upgraded for iOS8 and is compatible with all the latest devices. It also includes a new feedback system for comments, questions or problems so you can bring problems you are having with the app to the attention of the developers.

The app also includes two Cordell & Cordell eBooks, “Divorce Full Force” and “Your Civil War: A Father’s Guide for Winning Child Custody.”

“Divorce Full Force” offers a comprehensive guide on getting through divorce as a guy from the collective experience of Cordell & Cordell attorneys, and includes information on how to handle family, finances and more during this trying time.

“Your Civil War: A Father’s Guide for Winning Child Custody” was written by Principal Partner Joe Cordell and offers an in-depth description of how custody is determined. The book discusses strategies for fathers going through child custody battles and offers tips on how to maximize your chances of obtaining a fair custody arrangement.

Download the app for free and review the app to let Cordell & Cordell know what improvements can be made in the future.

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