CreditCards.comCordell & Cordell Virginia family law attorney Rebecca DeVincent was recently interviewed for an article published on about what to do when an ex-spouse manages to steal rewards points from purchases made off credit cards. 

Fairfax divorce lawyer Rebecca DeVincent

Fairfax divorce lawyer Rebecca DeVincent

In the article, business journalist Tony Mecia answers a question from a reader whose estranged wife transferred 2 million points off his American Express card onto her Delta Air Lines frequent flier account.

Ms. DeVincent, who is an associate attorney in Cordell & Cordell’s Fairfax office, explained that in many states, reward points received during the course of a marriage can be considered marital property and subject to division.

Ms. DeVincent recommended that, in addition to talking with a divorce attorney, the reader should notify all his credit card companies that his wife is no longer and authorized user and has a history of illegally accessing his accounts.

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