Barry Sanders Talks About Finding Trustworthy Representation

Barry Sanders Talks About Finding Trustworthy Representation

Barry Sanders Cordell & CordellEarlier this month, NFL hall of fame running back and Cordell & Cordell celebrity spokesperson Barry Sanders wrote a blog post about the importance of finding trustworthy divorce representation.

“Anyone who has gone through divorce (myself included) will tell you that it’s very difficult to sift through all the information that’s out there to find something specific to your case,” Mr. Sanders said, “and it’s often even harder to understand how it applies.”

Mr. Sanders noted that family courts traditionally favor women, which puts many divorced fathers in a tough predicament, particularly when they fail to find adequate representation. That is why there is a need for law firms like Cordell & Cordell.

“I wasn’t aware of Cordell & Cordell when I went through divorce, but their mission to fight for the rights of men and fathers is definitely a much-needed service,” Mr. Sanders said. “While there are plenty of resources and help out there for women, divorce is an area where men often find themselves at a disadvantage.

“An attorney that focuses on protecting the rights of fathers will help ensure that everything possible is done to get you the time you deserve with your children.”

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