Barry Sanders On Dealing With The Emotions Of Divorce

Barry Sanders On Dealing With The Emotions Of Divorce

Barry SandersNFL legend and Cordell & Cordell celebrity spokesman Barry Sanders recently made a blog post about dealing with the emotions of divorce.

Divorce is always an emotionally draining process. For guys, who are often raised and seem expected to be immune to these types of issues, it can be especially challenging managing the pain that follows the end of a marriage.

“It is important for anyone going through this process to realize they will eventually have to find a way to deal with their emotions in a positive way to avoid falling into a depression,” Mr. Sanders said.

Divorce is tough on everyone, and feelings of sadness and resentment are natural, Mr. Sanders said.

“However, the way you deal with these feelings is what separates the people who are able to bounce back from divorce and those who get stuck in a rut,” he added.

Among the tips he offered, Mr. Sanders recommended finding a confidant to talk to about your problems, keeping divorce separated from daily life, and finding a new hobby to help work through the sense of loss that accompanies divorce.

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