On June 12, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joe Cordell spoke with on the Phoenix-based radio show “Business for Breakfast” on Money Radio.

Mr. Cordell explained the importance of understanding financial matters during complicated divorce situations.

“It’s a critical moment in life, but it’s important to make rational decisions,” said Mr. Cordell. “In part, these decisions can be impacted by emotions and also by not getting the best financial advice.”

Mr. Cordell discussed the fact that there are certainly divorce attorneys with financial or business knowledge, backgrounds or experience, but that it’s often wise for attorneys to reach out and hire individuals who are financial experts.

On the show, Mr. Cordell was asked about issues related to splitting investments or assets during divorce. Mr. Cordell mentioned that while the agreement can be to split everything in half, determining what items go to which party can often be complicated.

“It’s critical to see a lawyer early on,” explained Mr. Cordell. “You have a professional involved then who can advise along the way. Many times, people wait too long. The party who has expert advice first has an advantage.”

Find the audio from this interview below.


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