huffington postTransitioning to a co-parenting relationship with your ex is a difficult adjustment that often becomes a source of contention around the holidays. 

In his latest column for The Huffington Post titled “5 Tips for Managing Parenting Time During the Holidays,” Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner and Founder Joe Cordell offers five holiday parenting tips to help divorced parents minimize stress and keep this time of year joyful for their kids.

“The holiday season can become incredibly stressful when trying to coordinate schedules and parenting time – particularly for the first time after divorce,” Mr. Cordell said, “and there are many common mistakes that newly divorced couples continue to make.”

The five tips Mr. Cordell mentions are: making your children the priority, using your decree as a place to start, planning well in advance, staying flexible and avoiding feeling pressured to win.

Each of Mr. Cordell’s tips center on two core principles: getting organized and prepared well in advance and putting the interests of your child before your own. By keeping that advice in mind, parents can ensure that the holidays remain a special time of year.

“It is entirely possible to begin new traditions with your children and avoid the stress of a bitter holiday season,” Mr. Cordell said.

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