Cordell & Cordell recently rolled out its new “Many Voices” ad campaign. The nationwide campaign features 12 Cordell & Cordell attorneys explaining the reasons they chose to practice family law at the firm. 

“A divorce lawyer should be more than just a lawyer,” the commercial begins.

The ad then transitions from attorney to attorney as they describe the challenge and rewards they experience fighting for men’s rights at Cordell & Cordell.

“We chose family law, and we chose Cordell and Cordell because we want to be that person,” the ad continues, “we want the challenge, the responsibility, and the gratification that comes from helping guys through what may be the toughest but most important challenge they’ll face.”

The ad highlights Cordell & Cordell’s commitment to serving clients, and also the firm’s investment in creating a culture of teaching, learning, sharing, and mentoring for its attorneys.

By referencing the firm’s more than 150 attorneys, the ad emphasizes the power of Cordell & Cordell’s brand. In offices across the country, Cordell & Cordell attorneys are helping men through every stage of the divorce process.

“Our priority is to protect and promote men’s financial and family interests in all stages of divorce,” the ad says. “Don’t face this process alone.”

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