CC_HomeSlide_MAP 6-7-13Cordell & Cordell, the nation’s largest domestic litigation firm focusing on representing men in family law cases, has announced the opening of its first office in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Cordell & Cordell now has more than 150 attorneys working in 77 offices located in 27 states with the inaugural Iowa office scheduled to open Tuesday, July 2.

Perceptually, men are at a disadvantage in family courts, but Cordell & Cordell is expanding in an effort to support more men through the divorce process. The firm has established itself as a leader in family law devoted to equal rights for men facing divorce.

The new Council Bluffs office will broaden the opportunities for divorcing dads to gain information and counsel.

To schedule an appointment, please call 1.866.DADS.LAW or visit our Council Bluffs divorce lawyer page.

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