washu-lawJoseph and Yvonne Cordell, co-founders of Cordell & Cordell, have generously made a gift commitment of $1 million to establish and endow the Cordell & Cordell Visiting Professorship at their law school alma mater, Washington University School of Law in St. Louis.

“Yvonne and I graduated from one of the best institutions in the nation, and we appreciate the outstanding legal education that has allowed us to do so much,” Mr. Cordell told Washington University Law Magazine. “We’ve been blessed with the means to support what has been important to us. The law school is high on that list.”

The gift will support an established legal scholar and teacher who demonstrates a commitment to adding a diverse voice to legal education, including one that represents a conservative and/or Libertarian viewpoint. The Cordells hope the visiting professorship also will attract a strong scholar and teacher who is committed to public service, pro bono work, and/or activities that support family values and the community.

The couple also sponsors the Joseph Cordell Family Scholar in Law at the law school. Mr. Cordell received his Master of Laws in 2008 and Mrs. Cordell received her Juris Doctor in 1988.

Read the full article on the Cordells, “Enhancing The Law School’s Success.”

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