Cordell & Cordell - A Domestic Litigation FirmCordell & Cordell protects and promotes men’s family and financial interests before, during, and after divorce. Our vision is to serve our people, our clients, and our community with excellence and honor.

So when we sought to establish a new logo that mirrors the sterling reputation our firm has built over the past two decades, we wanted to maintain and convey our radically client-centered “partnership” approach as we steadfastly advocate for each individual client.

Cordell & Cordell is about connections. Our new icon features the two “C’s” of Cordell & Cordell forming a conversation bubble implying dialogue, compromise, and resolution.

The primary color of green establishes a trustworthy sense of wisdom and leadership while also being approachable and comforting during what can be a complex and complicated process.

Though our color, logo, and website look different, the mission of Cordell & Cordell remains unchanged: to be a global steward and legal advocate for men protecting their families and their assets with a passionate, intelligent, and tenacious devotion to excellence.

We hope you find our branding represents the peace of mind you are searching for and the fortitude necessary to secure a positive future for you and your family.

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